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Sound is the reason we are all in this industry. The desire to help artists convey their musical craft in any environment is the reason we come to work each day. Every piece of equipment we use has been selected to guarantee a true representation of the performers sound. It starts with making the performer happy, which is why we solely use Meyer Sound monitor systems.  For the audience, we progress to our extensive collection of top of the line components including world renowned microphones and Meyer Sound Speakers. These technical elements combined with our audio engineers’ refined ears, knowledge, experience, and thorough understanding of sound create a crisp, clear sound leaving you with a truly memorable audio experience.


  • Meyer Linear Array Systems
  • Meyer Point – Source Systems (Small to Large Format)
  • Meyer Low Frequency Control Elements
  • Meyer Stage Monitors
  • In Ear Monitoring Systems
  • Midas Small to Large Format Mixing Consoles
  • Digico Mixing Consoles
  • Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Audio Recording Services
  • System Design and Engineering
  • System Processing and Speaker Management Software
  • Rigging Materials and Services
  • Labor and Staffing
  • Production Design Services


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Everything in a production must fit together. Each component must correlate to the next facet to create the ultimate experience. Lighting can be the catalyst for the feel and atmosphere of that experience. This is why we have aligned ourselves with some of the best names in the professional lighting industry. We possess the professional components as well as the lighting technicians and designers to enhance the visual dimension of your event. Our designers and technicians work hand and hand with our clients to create the proper mood for your concert, corporate event, or installation. We give credence to what proper lighting can do for a production.


  • Conventional Lights
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Portable Lighting Towers
  • Search Lights


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Need a live video broadcast or multi-camera video projection? Holding a company movie night and need a movie theater quality system? Wondering how your audience is going to see your PowerPoint presentation? We provide the finest in video projection technology with an assortment of systems ranging from small, portable setups to large format screens and cutting edge high output projectors. We can provide you with the very best system for your needs. Please contact us with your video system needs and let us design the perfect video system for your next event.


  • Portable Presentation Projectors
  • High Intensity / High Definition Projectors
  • Small Portable Screens
  • Large Flyable Screens
  • LCD, and Plasma Displays
  • Video Cameras for Real-time Event Playback


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A great performance starts with the artist being happy on stage, which means having everything you need and want to adequately perform. We offer the very best in backline equipment. Many of today’s touring artists do not have the luxury of traveling with their own drums, heads, amplifiers, keyboards, etc, or desire a specific piece of equipment to augment their current lineup.

DBS offers a vast knowledge of the best backline equipment available. Whether you are looking to rent that hard to find amplifier, instrument or the latest digital keyboard, we can provide you with whatever you are looking for.


  • Drum Kits
  • Percussion
  • Wind Instruments
  • Brass Instruments
  • Keyboards
  • Keyboard Amplifiers
  • Guitar / Bass Amplifiers
  • DJ Equipment
  • Music Stands and Lights


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Touring is a strenuous process. Having an experienced crew of technicians to make it run smoothly makes all the difference. We offer both full and partial production support for any national and international tours. Members of our touring staff have worked in many of the world’s top performance venues, arenas, and theatres. We are accustomed to the rigors associated with life on the road and consistently overcome the many obstacles they present. If you are planning on taking your band, show, or conference out on the road, contact one of our production managers for further details.


  • Full or Partial Audio Systems
  • System Technicians
  • Front of House Engineers
  • Monitor Engineers
  • Instrument Technicians
  • Riggers
  • Logistics
  • Trucking
  • General Production Labor

Stage, Drape & Barricades

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From small decking and risers to fully hydraulic staging systems, we offer a vast variety of staging and cover. Staging is the structure that supports any performance. Our Stageline staging systems can accommodate an event of any size. These Stagelines are perfect for outdoor and arena events. Stagelines offer weight bearing roofs to suspend lighting, speakers, and scenery. They are less labor intensive to setup, which will dramatically reduces time and labor costs compared to traditional staging.

We also offer more conventional deck staging that can be assembled in any environment. Our deck stages are top quality, professionally built, industry standard stages. All of our traditional stages can also incorporate weight bearing roof truss systems for safe and reliable rigging.

Utilize our draping service to help create the perfect backdrop, hide obstructions, contrast lighting and brighten video systems. Our heavy draping systems are also perfect for reducing unwanted reflective noises.

Our interlocking, easy to assemble barricades help to insure a clean, professional look in front of your stage as well as providing a safe divider between the audience and the performance areas.


  • Stageline Staging Systems
  • Traditional Staging Systems
  • Weight Bearing Roof and Truss Systems
  • Professional Barricades with Security Platforms
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Draping in Multiple Colors
  • Truck Track and Other Cable Concealment Solutions

Generator & Power

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At DBS Audio Systems, Inc. we can facilitate all of your power requirement needs with our Motion Picture generators. Our generators are meticulously maintained and extremely quiet (50dB at 50 feet for a 120KW generator).

We specialize in power distribution. We will provide power distribution for all facets of event production including office and hospitality trailers, main gate, and security stations as well as vending areas. We can also provide supplemental power for existing venues.

Generator & Power Distribution Services Include:

  • Generator Rentals
  • Power Distribution Design
  • 1 Phase Systems
  • 3 Phase Systems


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The installation process can be intimidating. DBS Audio brings extensive real world experience into all phases of the project, masterfully making even the most daunting installations perform flawlessly from the start. Beginning with project inception and continuing through to the first event with your new system, our audio systems designers, managers, and technicians provide you with impeccable customer service, training, and support.

Taking advantage of our project management services will ensure proper scheduling and follow up during all phases of the install. DBS Audio service contracts guarantees that your system will remain in peak operating condition.

  • Small Presentation Systems
  • Multi-Room Audio Systems
  • Paging / Intercom Systems
  • System Integration
  • Small Performance Systems
  • Live Music Venue Systems
  • Video Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Arenas / Stadiums
  • Automated Hoist Control Systems
  • Onsite Consultation
  • Architectural Plan Review
  • System Design
  • AutoCAD
  • Acoustic Analyzation
    Meyer MAPP / SIMM SIA Smartlive
  • Custom Rack Building
  • Project Management
  • System Training
  • System Calibration and Tuning
  • Meyer MAPP / SIM
  • Rational Acoustics – SMAART


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DBS Audio Systems, Inc. is a product distributor for the most respected names in the live production and AV installation industries. We sell the products we use. We select companies based on their product integrity, quality, and overall value of customer service. We endorse companies who have the same value of customer service and quality of work that we have built our reputation on.

Speak with our sales staff to select the correct components and equipment that best fits your needs.

Request information about any brand via email: info@dbsaudio.com



DBS Audio Systems, Inc. maintains a vast inventory of rentable equipment. All of our equipment is routinely tested and maintained to assure optimum performance which eliminates the possibility of your event suffering from faulty equipment.

Contact us at (610) 383-9145


SPEAKERS: Meyer Sound Laboratories, unless otherwise noted

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  • LYON – M
  • LYON – W
  • MILO
  • MINA
  • MSL-4
  • MTS-4A
  • CQ-1
  • CQ-2
  • UPQ1P
  • UPA-1P
  • UPA-2P
  • UPA-1C
  • UPJ-1P
  • UPM-1P
  • DF-4
  • MM-4
  • 1100-LFC
  • 900-LFC
  • 700-HP
  • 600-HP
  • 500-HP
  • 650-P
  • USW-1P
  • USW-1
  • UMS-1P
  • MJF212A
  • MJF210
  • MJF208
  • USM-100P
  • USM-1P
  • UM-100P
  • UM-1P
  • UM-1C


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    Large Format Mixing
  • Midas Pro 9
  • Midas Pro 6
  • Midas Heritage 3000
  • Midas Heritage 1000
  • Midas XL-250
  • Digico SD12
  • Digico SD Optocore Rack
    Medium Format Mixing
  • Midas Pro 2
  • Midas Pro 2C
  • Midas Verona 480
  • Midas Siena 480
    Small Format Mixing
  • Midas Pro 1
  • Midas Venice 320
  • Midas Venice 240
  • Midas Venice 160
  • Mackie 1402VLZ
  • Mackie 1202VLZ
  • Soundcraft 800B-12
  • Yamaha MX12


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  • Klark Teknik DN9331
  • BSS 960
  • XTA GQ600
  • Klark Teknik DN360
  • Meyer Galaxy 816
  • Meyer Galaxy 408
  • Meyer Galileo 616
  • Meyer Galileo Callisto
  • Klark Teknik DN9848
  • Meyer LD1-A
  • Meyer VX-1
  • BSS DPR404
  • BSS DPR504
  • Klark Teknik Square1D
  • Drawmer DL441
  • Valley People Gatex
    Multi-Effects Processors
  • TC-M5000
  • TC-M2000
  • TC-M1XL
  • Lexicon LXP-15
  • Yamaha SPX 990
  • Yamaha SPX 90
  • Lexicon PCM 42
  • TC-D2


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    CD / Cassette Combos
  • Denon DN-T620
  • DN-625, DN-610F
  • Marantz PMD 350
  • HHB CDR-800 Recorder
  • Tascam CDRW-5000
  • DAT Recorders:
  • Sony TCD-10PRO
  • Sony R-500
  • Panasonic SV-3700
  • Tascam DA-30MK2


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  • Shure KSM 28
  • Shure KSM 27
  • Shure KSM 137
  • Shure KSM 32
  • Shure Beta 87c
  • Shure Beta 91
  • Audix Micro D
  • Micro 412
  • Micro 812

  • Neumann:
  • Neumann KMS 105
  • Neumann KM 184

  • Schoeps:
  • Schoeps CMC 6
  • Schoeps MK 4
  • Schoeps MK 2S

  • AKG:
  • AKG 451 EB
  • AKG 414

  • Audio Technica:
  • Audio Technica AT4050
  • Audio Technica AT3525

  • Earthworks:
  • Earthworks M30
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure Beta58
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure Beta57

  • Sennheiser:
  • Sennheiser 904
  • Sennheiser MD421II
  • Sennheiser E609

  • Beyer:
  • Beyer M88
  • Beyer M201

  • Audix:
  • Audix OM6
  • Audix D6
  • Audix i5
    Wireless Mic Systems
  • Shure Axient Digital WL
  • RF Venue CP Beam Helical Antenna

  • Whirlwind
  • Whirlwind Concert 56 Isolated Split Snake System (250')
  • Whirlwind 24 pr. Snake System (150')
  • Whirlwind 16 pr. Sub Snake
  • Whirlwind Mini 6 Return Snake (110')
  • Whirldwind 24 pr. Non-Isolated Split Snake (20')
  • Whirlwind 12 pr. Sub Snake (50')
  • Midas Pro 6 – HyperMac CAT 5 + Optical Snakes


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    Power Systems
    Lex Power:
  • 3 Phase / 400 AMP PD
  • 1 Phase / 3 phase / 200 amp PD

  • DBS Audio Systems:
  • 3 Phase / 400 AMP PD
  • 3 Phase / 100 AMP PD
  • 1 Phase / 60 AMP PD
  • CM 2 Ton Chain Hoists
  • CM 1 Ton Motor
  • CM 1/2 Ton Motor
  • Chainmaster BGV-1-Ton / 3P / 65'

  • Controllers:
  • Motion Labs 8 Way Motor Control
  • Motion Labs 4 Way Motor Control

  • Lift Towers:
  • Genie Lift ST-25 SuperTowers

  • Meyer Rigging Products:
  • Meyer MG-3DM
  • Meyer MG-MINA Fly Grids
  • Meyer M'elodie Fly Grids
  • Meyer MTG-4 Grids
  • Meyer CQ-2 Grids
  • Meyer UPJ-Array Plates
  • Meyer MTGSB4
  • Meyer L-track

  • *** Assorted Lengths of Steel Rope, and Span Sets
  • *** Assorted Dimensions of Steel Shackles
  • *** 1 Ton Beam Clamps
    Clear Com:
  • ClearCom Base Stations
  • ClearCom Beltpacks
  • ClearCom Headsets
  • Clearcom Flashers

  • Truck Trac:
  • Truck Trac

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